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Our Clients Are Our Best Endorsement.

We are proud to provide the premier survival kits for elite military units, first responders, and outdoor enthusiasts. We hope you never need our kit, but if you do you can feel confident you have the tools necessary to procure water, build shelter, and signal for rescue. We love to hear from our clients; they are our best advocates.

“We were very impressed by the attention to detail and high quality of almost everything in the kit. George’s response to our queries to address items we wondered about shows that he is committed to making it a good as he can, within the constraints of commercial production. While there are some items that could stand small improvements, any such deficients, such as they are, are minimal for the most part and not life threatening. While not cheap, it represents an excellent value because it’s all there. Slip it into your pocket and you are good to go. Not a lot more you can ask of a pre-assembled commercial survival kit.”

Doug RitterEquipped To Survive

“If you can’t survive with this, you weren’t meant to.”

Jay CasselField & Stream

“The Cadillac of pocket survival kits.”

John SolomonSurvival expert and author of Modern Wilderness Survival
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Grab & Go Pro Military Survival Kit

    $49.75 $35.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Master Pro Military Survival Kit

    $289.75 $198.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Escape & Evade Military SOF Survival Kit

    $139.95 $98.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Military Survival Kit

    $124.95 $87.00 Sale!