Survival Tips

Three Reasons a Kid Safe Kit is a Great Idea

The Kid Safe Kit
  • 90% of families are affected by unintentional wandering - your child might be innocently chasing a caterpillar while hiking and find his or herself lost in a matter of minutes
  • Child safety experts will tell you, when a child goes missing what happens during the first hour (or less) is the most important and can make or break finding that child - This small card found in the Kid Safe Kit reminds your children of exactly what they need to do to keep stay safe if they become lost.

    Kid Safe Kit instructions card.
  • Quality Time - Time spent teaching your children is time well spent. Not only will you be spending an afternoon having fun with your child, but they will be learning and becoming more aware at the same time! Not to mention, your child will love personalizing their kit by adding their favorite stuffed animal or sticker!

Three Reasons to Carry a Survival Kit this Weekend

  • Contrary to popular belief, you won't need your survival kit for a zombie apocalypse this weekend. However, if you trip and break an ankle while hiking you will need it! You never know when an accident could happen to you, if you have a small survival kit that allows you to signal for help until you are found you'll be grateful!

    Pocket Pro Survival Kit by Pro Survival Kit, Co.
  • A survival kit with a water procurement method is a great idea; chances are if you get lost or stranded in the wilderness you will not have safe drinking water readily available.
  • Without a kit supplying you with an emergency blanket and way of creating fire you could be facing some seriously cold temperatures, especially at night. These Tinder Quik tabs combined with the Blastmatch Fire Starter are excellent for starting fires and can be operated with only one hand just in case of an injury.

    Tinder Quik fire tabs. BlastMatch Fire starter