Hunter Pro Survival Kit

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The Hunter Pro Kit is specifically designed for the avid hunter who spends serious time in the woods. The Hunter Pro is lightweight and contains all the basics to remain as comfortable as possible for an unexpected overnight stay due to extended tracking, losing your way or an injury.

Built on the same platform as our popular Grab & Go Pro kit, the Hunter Pro is a lighter version containing the essentials to build a fire and shelter, purify water, and signal rescuers. This kit can be used to add to the gear you already carry and take up minimal space in your pack.

4" x 5" x 1.5"

Kit Contents

  1. Spark-Lite™ fire starter
  2. 5 Tinder-Quik™ tabs
  3. Safety whistle
  4. Emergency blanket (52" x 82.5")
  5. Stainless steel commando wire saw
  6. 1 sterile bag with zipper seal (water container)
  1. 10 chlorine water purification tablets
  2. 12' of 550 paracord
  3. 4" x 5" ALOKSAK® bag (waterproof bag tested and proven at a depth of 200 feet)
  4. Survival instructions on waterproof paper
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