Escape & Evade Belt Kit

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Designed for use by Special Operations and other high risk personnel, the E&E Belt Kit contains numerous quality items meant to assist an individual in escaping and evading the enemy.

Built in the USA, using 1-1/2” Polypro webbing and a low profile nylon cam-buckle, the belt has a 24” zippered compartment. The overall length of the belt is about 56 inches, allowing the individual to cut the belt to length and sear the end with a flame. The E&E Belt Kit contains crucial gear (see below) with additional room for other items that are mission specific.

Available in Black, Desert Tan, and Olive Drab.

Kit Contents

  1. Polypro webbing belt with nylon cam-buckle
  2. Ceramic Razor
  3. Photon® Micro-Light™ I lithium-powered red covert flashlight
  4. Photon® Micro-Light™ I lithium-powered IR (infrared) flashlight
  5. SUN 20mm button compass (with luminous markings)
  6. Fox 40 Rescue Howler™ Whistle
  7. Spark-Lite™ fire starter
  8. 5 Tinder-Quik™ tabs
  9. 10 chlorine water purification tablets
  10. 1 sterile bag with zipper seal (water container)
  11. 5' of 550 paracord
  12. Covert handcuff key
  13. Survival instructions on waterproof paper
Escape & Evade Belt Kit items Escape & Evade Belt Kit item labels