Kid Safe Kit


The Kid Safe Kit is first in wilderness emergency survival for children and is also suitable for adults. Each item has been selected with consideration to ensure operation from children ages 4 years and older: a LED hand-crank flashlight to provide long-lasting light; a hand warmer and aluminized polyester emergency blanket for comfort, reduce weather exposure, and increase visibility during a rescue search; laminated safety instructions to help your child remember the important rules when they’re lost; and more. The contents of this kit are contained in an easy to open zipper pouch with an adjustable D-ring strap to wear across the waist or over the shoulder. This Kid Safe Kit, along with the parent reviewing the contents and enclosed instructions card with the child, provides a child lost in the wilderness the appropriate tools to be heard, seen, comforted, and quickly found.

Recommended for ages 4+



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  • D-ring adjustable strap to wear across the waist or over the shoulder.
  • 2 pockets with extra space for snack and a belonging or other items.
  • Aluminized polyester, wind and waterproof emergency blanket to reduce weather exposure and increase visibility during a rescue search
  • Hand warmer to provide warming comfort for up to 6 hours.
  • LED hand-crank flashlight* for light. 1 minute of cranking provides up to 30 minutes of light. No batteries needed. No batteries to replace.
  • Two 4″ lightsticks* to hang nearby for additional light and comfort.
  • Whistle* for signaling.
  • Laminated safety instructions for you and your child.
*LED hand-crank flashlight, ball whistle, and lightstick colors may vary.

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