Kaster Pro Survival Kit


The brave warriors of our American Military have trusted Ka-Bar® and Pro Survival Kit Co. for years. Pro Survival Kit Co. has always relied on Ka-Bar® to provide high quality knives to pack in our survival kits. We are now proud to have the opportunity to build the most unique and versatile survival kit ever. The Kaster Pro Survival Kit featuring the Ka-Bar® Backpack Kaster

As with all our survival kits, we pack the 4 essentials for any survival situation, a means to build fire, purify water, signal for rescue, and, thanks to Ka-Bar® an ingenious way to procure food and keep all of your gear safe and watertight.

The Ka-Bar® Backpack Kaster is an injection molded container with an O-ring seal that is watertight and also provides the platform to spool your fishing line, cast and retrieve lures or bait while remaining light, compact, and easy to stow in a pocket or, of course, backpack.

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″ css=”.vc_custom_1565381916846{padding-right: 17px !important;}”][vc_column_text]Pro Survival Kit Co. packs the Kaster with the following items:

  • Ka-Bar® Backpack Kaster
  • 3-TinderQuik fire tabs
  • Spark Lite fire starter
  • Button compass
  • 10-Aquatabs water purification tablets
  • Sterile water bag
  • 24” of fluorescent orange flagging
  • Small fishing kit (9-#6 hooks, 3-split shot, 2-swivels, sm. Jig, leader knot and hitch inst.).
  • Spooled 30 yds of 15# test line on the Kaster
  • 5’ of 550 cord for a lanyard with a safety whistle attached.

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