Survival Kit -Military Grade

Our Survival Kits Save Lives.

Pro Survival Kit Co. provides the gold standard in professional-grade survival kits for the military, first responders, and outdoor adventurers. Since 2002, our kits have been an integral component of the gear carried by elite Special Forces all over the world. Each kit is designed to provide the tools necessary to procure water, build shelter, and signal for rescue. With each component rated for effectiveness, weight, and cost, we guarantee you can depend on your investment when you buy your kit from Pro Survival Kit Co.

Marine Tested Since 1983.

Pro Survival Kit Co. founder George Van Orden retired after 22 years of service in the Marines. During that time he trained Special Operation forces from the Army, Navy and Marines in mountain warfare in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He built his first survival kit in 1983, adapting it since then to fulfill the needs of the modern soldier, first responder, and outdoor enthusiast. With thorough research into product design, weight, and functionality, each item is personally chosen by George to fulfill the need of each specific kit.

American Warrior Is In Our DNA.

George is a fourth generation Marine with 22 years in the Corps. Enlisting in 1982, he trained extensively in demolition, jungle warfare, and route recon with the 9th Engineer Battalion. Within a year he was an instructor at the Mountain Warfare School in Mono County, California. While there he taught demolition, rock climbing, navigation, how to dig snow caves, and the art of putting together effective life saving survival kits. Following his post in California, he transferred to Guantanamo Bay to locate, disarm, remove, and rearm live mines. He is quoted as saying, “I always described it as the only job I ever had where you could do everything right and still get killed.” With following posts instructing at the Amphibious Recon School in Coronado, CA and as Warrant Officer, George rose through the ranks providing key support and education to our Armed Forces until retiring in 2003 to focus on his business and family.

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  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Grab & Go Pro Military Survival Kit

    $49.75 $35.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Master Pro Military Survival Kit

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  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Escape & Evade Military SOF Survival Kit

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  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Military Survival Kit

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