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Our Survival Kits Are Your Failsafe.

Pro Survival Kit Co. designs and builds survival kits outdoor enthusiasts can easily fit in backpacks, jackets, and on belt loops. Each item is chosen for its function, durability, and weight with some components operable with a single hand, when possible. From the Pocket Pro Survival Kit to the Grab And Go Pro Survival Kit, each kit gives you the tools you need to procure water, trap food, and signal for rescue. When the unexpected happens, be prepared with the tools you need to stay safe and comfortable until help arrives.

You Won’t Regret The Weight.

Each item in our kits is evaluated for durability, function, and weight. For outdoor enthusiasts where every pound matters, you can be assured your kit has been trimmed down to include only items pivotal to survival in the field. Weighing in at 4.9 oz, the Grab and Go Pro Survival Kit stores 21 items in a waterproof ALOKSAK bag and is perfect for an individual or couple backpacking. Our Master Pro Survival Kit weighs in at 25.4 ounces and is perfect for trail guides leading groups in the field.

High Quality Components At An Unbeatable Price.

We build relationships with our vendors to keep costs down on our kit’s components. Were you to attempt to build our kit with the exact same items, your cost would be higher. Initially designed for military Special Forces, we choose only the best components field tested to provide aid during life threatening situations. When it comes to your life, make an investment in the kit with the known pedigree to keep you safe.

Kits We Hope You Never Need.

Pro Survival Kit Co. founder, George Van Orden, has been designing and adapting his survival kits since 1983. He believes strongly that carrying a survival kit is the responsibility of anyone spending a significant amount of time outside. Whether you carry our kits or make your own, be prepared for the unexpected. We hope you never need it.

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  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Grab & Go Pro Military Survival Kit

    $49.75 $35.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Master Pro Military Survival Kit

    $289.75 $198.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Escape & Evade Military SOF Survival Kit

    $139.95 $98.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Military Survival Kit

    $124.95 $87.00 Sale!