Escape & Evade Kits Designed For Our Armed Forces.

Pro Survival Kit Co. builds premier escape and evade kits used by the military and elite Special Forces all over the world. Our kits provide the tools necessary to procure water and food, build shelter, and signal for rescue in the event you or your unit are stranded outside the wire. Each item in our kit is tested for effectiveness, weight, and cost so you can depend on your E&E supplies when you need them most.

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Armed Services

We Back-Up Elite Forces.

Since 2002, we’ve been the source of choice for military-grade survival kits you can trust in times of crises. Each item in your kit is measured for purpose, handling, and weight to ensure you have the tools to survive until help arrives. With multiple kits available, you can determine the best options for your mission. For bulk orders, our kits can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Stock Up With Comprehensive Kits Available For Bulk Orders.

We coordinate with prime vendors to ensure all branches of the military and government agencies have access to our kits. From large scale procurement to smaller unit-only orders, we ship kits directly to bases or vendors on time and at affordable rates. For families looking to send a kit to their soldier overseas, we ship kits to APOs all over the world. Contact us to discuss pricing, availability and estimated times of arrival to your base or point of operations.

We Build The World’s Leading Survival Kit.  

Our survival kits are designed by retired Marine, George Van Orden. During his 22 years of service, George Van Orden trained Navy SEAL’s and Marines while serving as a Mountain Warfare instructor in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and as a Reconnaissance instructor in Coronado, California. Part of that training was how to build an effective survival kit. He started Pro Survival Kit Co. to bring his expertise to all branches of the armed forces and government agencies. Each kit has been expertly designed and adapted from the first kit he put together in 1983. From our Master Pro Survival Kit to our Grab And Go Pro Survival Kit, our kits include professional-grade equipment manufactured in the United States where possible. For large bulk orders, each kit is ordered to meet your specifications so you can request custom additions or omissions as you see fit.

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  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Grab & Go Pro Military Survival Kit

    $49.75 $35.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Master Pro Military Survival Kit

    $289.75 $198.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Escape & Evade Military SOF Survival Kit

    $139.95 $98.00 Sale!
  • Survival Kit -Military Grade

    Pocket Pro Military Survival Kit

    $124.95 $87.00 Sale!