First Responders

Our Survival Kits Are Your Tool To Save Lives.

Pro Survival Kit Co. builds survival kits first responders can depend on when lives are on the line. Intelligently designed and expertly outfitted, each of our survival kits includes the tools necessary to procure water and food, build shelter, and signal for rescue. With each item measured for function, weight, and durability, you can count on your kit when you need it most.

We Look After Our First Responders.  

For the men and women who look after us, we have your back. Survival kits from Pro Survival Kit Co. are designed to include the tools you need to survive until help arrives. When possible, each item in your kit was chosen to be operable with one hand in case of injury. From the Master Pro to the Grab and Go Pro, our kits are pivotal to search and rescue campaigns throughout the United States of America.

Equipped To Aid Police, Fire & Rescue, & Outdoor Enthusiasts

We offer different kits with diverse components to meet the varying needs of our first responders, military, and outdoor enthusiasts. Each kit contains water purification tablets, a fishing kit, and a sterile bag to contain water. With each item rated for weight, function, and durability, you can count on a Pro Survival Kit Co. survival kit when you need it most. It’s even a great deal! You can’t build one with the same components for the same price.

Military-Grade Kits For Civilian Forces.

Pro Survival Kit Co. founder, George Van Orden, has been perfecting his survival kits since 1983. As a pivotal component of the gear carried by Special Forces all over the world, our kits have the military pedigree to support your team when times are tough. With a full warranty backed by our founder, our survival kits give you the tools you need to survive even the harshest conditions.

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