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The elite of the Pro Survival Kit line, the Master Pro is unmatched in quality and readiness. Every component has been researched and tested to ensure durability and ease of use. After painstaking preparation, which includes attaching lanyards to all critical items, the kit contents are vacuum sealed to ensure protection from the elements. Packed in a custom made, heavy-duty Cordura Plus pouch with belt loops, the Master Pro measures 7"x5.5"x2.5" and weighs 28 ounces. Designed for the outdoor professional, the Master Pro contains the following gear:

-Lightweight Combat Casualty Blanket (Olive/Silver).

-One pack of Wind and Waterproof Survival Matches.

-Stainless Steel Commando Wire Saw.

-"Blastmatch" Fire Starting System.

-Twelve "Tinder-Quick" Tabs from Four Seasons Survival.

-Gerber Clutch Mini Multi-tool.

-Dozier Designed KA-BAR® Folding Lock-Blade Knife.

-Rescue Flash Signal Mirror.

-Fox 40 Rescue Howler Whistle.

-Suunto Baseplate Compass.

-Photon II Lithium Powered MICROLIGHT (white light).

-Lansky® Ceramic Knife Sharpener.

-Two 17oz. Water Bags with Closure Caps.

-Fresnel Magnifying Lens.

-1 pair of Roll-Up Sunglasses.

-1 bottle of Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets.

-Pencil and Four sheets of Waterproof Paper (4.25"x5.5").

-Flosscard® (36' of Floss for sewing, fishing, snares, lashing, oral care).

-20' of "Parachute Cord".


-20' of Stainless Steel Snare Wire.

-Heavy-Duty Canvas Sewing Needle.

-Two Scalpel Blades.

-Four Safety Pins.

-18"x18" Heavy-duty Aluminum Foil.

-Four #2 Fish Hooks; Four #4 Fish Hooks; Four #6 Fish Hooks; One 4/0 Hook (for use as a Gaff); One 1/2 inch Tack (to attach Gaff Hook); One Panfish Jig; One Stainless Steel Leader; Four Splitshot; Two Swivels; Sixty feet of 15 pound test line (Two 30 ft. lengths).

-Leader Knots and Hitches Instruction Sheet on Waterproof Paper.

-One Quart Ziplock Bag.

-Four 3" Zipties.

-One foot of Surgical Tubing.

-Four 1"x3" Bandaids; Two Butterfly Closures; One Large Bandaid.

-Two Bouillon Packets.

-Two pieces of Hard Candy.

-Survival Instruction Sheet on Waterproof Paper.

NOTE: Kit contents may differ slightly from photo, but will be exactly as listed above.

All Master Pro kits, regardless of color, are packed with Black, Olive Drab, or Camo 550 Cord and lanyards.